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Trace Elements

These are elements, that effect soil fertility but are present in tiny amounts, too small to measure without some very sophisticated equipment. Different trace elements favour different plants. We are still discovering what trace elements do in plants. In many cases they are present in such small amounts, it is hard to determine if they […]

Permanent garden borders

Layering lawn grasses send runners underground that sprout up to form the lawn. These runners can easily pass under borders for gardens.  They will generally not travel more than a metre under ground without sending sprouts upwards to get find light, so they are usually contained by a path. Fortunately these runners will not usually […]

Lawn – creating a lawn that lasts

I have a useless tiny front yard because I situated the house closer to the road, to give me a larger rear yard. Here where I live in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, we have a climate that can be quite extreme. Summer days frequently exceed 35ºC (95ºF) and winters see a frost, even occasional snow. Add […]

Lawn is not always the answer

It is important to choose your lawn grass carefully and prepare the area well. After all, grassed areas are typically around a third of the garden area. There are many different types of grasses. The type of grass you select will depend on your country, climate and wear (more on this later). The success of […]