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Trace Elements

These are elements, that effect soil fertility but are present in tiny amounts, too small to measure without some very sophisticated equipment. Different trace elements favour different plants. We are still discovering what trace elements do in plants. In many cases they are present in such small amounts, it is hard to determine if they […]

Soil – Simple testing – the dry test

To test your soil for structure: the dry test dig a small area and remove any plant material. Turn it over and water it lightly tonight. Tomorrow about midday, dig down until it feels moist. Remove a fist full and squeeze it together in your hand.It should stay in a clump, not ooze out between […]


We have set up our paths and retaining walls, the next step is to create your gardens. Whether it’s a vege garden, seed bed or established shrubs and trees, the major factor in their survival is the soil itself. Get the soil right now and you will reap the rewards for many years to come, […]

Permanent garden borders

Layering lawn grasses send runners underground that sprout up to form the lawn. These runners can easily pass under borders for gardens.  They will generally not travel more than a metre under ground without sending sprouts upwards to get find light, so they are usually contained by a path. Fortunately these runners will not usually […]

Concrete ramps and steps

We have looked at pouring a concrete path both straight and curved but what about a path that changes up or down a level? The best option is usually a sloping ramp – there’s nothing to trip over when you have your arms full and cannot see your feet. Just make sure it has a […]

From clay to concrete – 2

Part 2. The Formwork Over time paths can become coated in lichen and become treacherously slippery. Since Lichen requires water to survive, the drier we can keep our path, the safer it will be. To reduce the risk it is advisable to texture the surface so the concrete has high ridges that stay dry and […]

Lawn is not always the answer

It is important to choose your lawn grass carefully and prepare the area well. After all, grassed areas are typically around a third of the garden area. There are many different types of grasses. The type of grass you select will depend on your country, climate and wear (more on this later). The success of […]

Planning Your Property – Gardens and paths.

. Many garden magazines show curved meandering paths that look cute and rustic but in reality . . .

First steps – Weird weather and vertical blinds

There was a massive cyclone (Tropical Cyclone Yasi) to the north of us, in Queensland, this week – the most violent in living memory. It has weakened into a storm that is sitting in the center of the continent dropping masses of rain in one of the driest parts of Australia.