About HB Garden Headquarters

HB Garden Headquarters is based in Melbourne, Victoria –  the Garden state of Australia.

Unlike most other gardening websites HB Garden Headquarters.com looks at starting off landscaping and gardening with a new house block – starting with nothing and doing it all on a limited budget. If you are a new home owner (or contemplating becoming a home owner) this website is written for you.

The HB Garden Headquarters website is one of the Mimenta stable of websites. Mimenta is a design studio, renowned for their unique website designs that have that old world rich graphics and equally rich content from their own writers. These guys have made an art out of web design. Some of their other sites include:
http://www.mimenta.com – an art reference site.
http://www.kitchenheadquarters.org – a food and nutrition site
http://www.therustyrake.com – Aussie yarns and laconic humour.
http://www.mimentum.com – a no-holds-barred look at current affairs.
http://www.hbheadquarters.com – a site for information about business on and off the Internet

The HB Garden Headquarters’ contributors include horticulturalists and landscapers as consultants. The main author worked for Parks and Gardens in Melbourne, was raised on a horticultural property in the Waitakeres in NewZealand and later moved to a farming property in Pittsworth Queensland then to Melbourne. The content is well researched, well written and although written for Australian conditions, will be equally valuable in  similar climates anywhere in the world.

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