Monthly Archives: March 2011

From clay to concrete

From clay to concrete Financially we are still screwed, with not enough money yet to pay for the concrete paving but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a start on our pathways. We tend to think that paths have to be poured all at once but they are actually formed in sections to allow for […]

Lawn is not always the answer

It is important to choose your lawn grass carefully and prepare the area well. After all, grassed areas are typically around a third of the garden area. There are many different types of grasses. The type of grass you select will depend on your country, climate and wear (more on this later). The success of […]

Looking at Lawn – prepare the ground

It pays to prepare the ground first, ready for a lawn. To demonstrate what a little preparation can do: When we lived in the Melbourne suburb of Chelsea, everything grew well all winter with no frosts so close to the sea. In summer only trees survived. Shrubs, grass, flowers and vegetables would wilt in the […]

Planning Your Property – Gardens and paths.

. Many garden magazines show curved meandering paths that look cute and rustic but in reality . . .