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Water features – ponds, waterfalls and reflection pools.

Concrete – calculating the amount to buy

This can be quite scary to the novice but it’s really quite simple. Here in Australia and New Zealand, we use the metric system (and when you compare the two methods, you’ll see why!) It’s much easier to calculate in cubic metres. In the USA, you’ll use the imperial Cubic Yards system to order concrete. […]

Concrete mixes for different jobs

I had a comment from a reader who has a problem with a pond. They concreted a hole in the ground to create a garden pond. The concrete is not cracked anywhere but it won’t hold water. When they fill it the water level slowly drops and the surrounding ground seems moist. The reason the […]

Planning Your Property – Gardens and paths.

. Many garden magazines show curved meandering paths that look cute and rustic but in reality . . .